How to Support a Loved One with Addiction

Addiction disrupts the lives of more than just the user. If your loved one is using alcohol or drugs, It is impacting your quality of life and putting them and others at risk every day. What steps can and should you take? Is there anything you can do to stop them from ruining their life? When you have a loved one with addiction, it can be very challenging to see what you can do to help. At Bayview Recovery, we want to ensure you are getting the support you need to help them by offering addiction treatment programs.

What Does a Loved One with Addiction Really Need?

People struggling with addiction need professional help. Trying to overcome addiction at home can lead to a relapse or worse. Providing your loved one with the tools they need can be just the push they need to get help. Take the time to reach out for help today if you think your loved one with addiction is at risk. Your primary goal should be to work one-on-one with a therapist to learn what steps you can take. There are a few considerations you need to have.

Do Not Say You Know What They Are Going Through

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when you have a loved one with addiction is believing you understand what is happening, why it is happening, or how to help. That is hard to hear, but if you have not walked this path, it is very difficult for you to be able to help your loved one through it on your own. In short, they need professional substance abuse treatment, not just a loved one’s help.

Recognize That It Is a Disease

Addiction is not something a person can just stop. They cannot just stop using and feel better. Rather, they have a disease that requires care. If your loved one had another illness you would help them get to a doctor for care. You would support the doctor’s care plan so they can get well. You would also be there to make sure they did not miss appointments. That is the type of support a love one with addiction needs during their recovery.

During addiction, the brain’s chemistry and physical makeup have changed. It is reliant on the drugs and alcohol to function normally. The body craves it. It can be physically painful to stop using. That is why they can not just stop.

What Kind of Treatment Options Are Available Today?

The most important tools available to help individuals with drug and alcohol treatment are those from a professional. Working with our team at Bayview Recovery, we can help your loved one stop the dependence and start working towards a healthy life. We do this through a range of treatment therapies including:

No matter what they are facing, the support your loved one with addiction needs starts with professional care in a positive, comfortable place. Let our team work closely with you to provide that care.

Seek Out the Support You Need at Bayview Recovery

Addiction does not go away on its own. It requires a lot of time an effort. Making the decision to support a loved one with addiction is an exceptional step. Yet, it is one that starts with getting them into drug and alcohol addiction therapy. Our team at Bayview Recovery wants to provide you with the tools and resources you need to get them that help. Call us at 855.478.3650 for immediate help.

Bayview Recovery Center is located in Tacoma, Washington and specializes in substance abuse addiction and co-occurring disorders. Specialist at Bayview recovery are equipped with years of experience navigating adult men and women to sobriety and giving them the tools to maintain it. Backed with a comprehensive set of treatment offerings for individualized care, Bayview has a commitment to fighting addiction. Learn more about Bayview Recovery here.

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