Salvia Effects

Salvia Effects

Many people view salvia as a harmless drug. However, it’s important not to underestimate dangerous short and long-term salvia effects. Ignoring these effects could cause individuals to have dangerous consequences.

How Salvia can Affect an Individual

The Mazatec Indians originally thought of salvia—or salvia divinorum—as a magical herb that helped them contact the Virgin Mary. It contains salvinorin A, which is the chemical responsible for individuals experiencing hallucinations. The effects are short-lived, usually lasting less than a half an hour. However, during that timeframe, the drug can have unpredictable effects.

Salvia is a psychoactive drug that heavily impairs judgement. In fact, driving under the influence of salvia can be significantly more dangerous than driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. The drug often puts users in a detached state. Many users don’t even recall the experience unless it’s captured on video.

How Salvia Effects Can Be Dangerous

Because salvia effects impair cognitive function, it increases the potential for self-injury. Many individuals on salvia become disoriented and end up stumbling around in an attempt to regain control. Others, particularly those with an underlying mental illness, can experience adverse psychological effects. Long-term salvia abuse can lead to:

Lasting bouts of depression | Triggered panic attacks | Induced borderline personality disorder | Suicidal thoughts

Although salvia effects can be dangerous, individuals struggling with abuse and addiction have resources to achieve a brighter future.

How Salvia Drug Rehab Could Help

Seeking treatment at a salvia drug rehab center can be the first step to a better life. Professional therapists, case managers and other medical professionals work with individuals, teaching them coping strategies and techniques to change behaviors and overall outlook on life.

The best salvia drug rehab facilities empower individuals to change through evidence-based treatment programs and therapies. They’ll offer various levels of care, including:

Residential or inpatient


Partial hospitalization

Comprehensive aftercare planning

Don’t let salvia abuse stop you from living your life. Find a reputable salvia drug rehab center today and start experiencing sobriety.