What is Salvia?

What is Salvia?

Salvia abuse is a growing concern, especially among America’s youth. What is salvia? What does it do? Is it addictive? Where can someone get help?


Salvia is formally known as salvia divinorum, which is an herb primarily found in South America, Central America and Mexico. The active chemical—salvinorin A—produces a hallucinogenic high when smoked or ingested. An estimated 1.8 million Americans have used salvia in their lifetime.

Salvia’s legal status varies depending upon where you live. States like Maine, California and Maryland put an age limitation on possession. Meanwhile, states including Washington, Oregon, Utah, Montana, Nevada, Idaho, New Mexico and Arizona have no limitations whatsoever.

What Are the Effects of Using Salvia?

Salvia affects each individual differently. The drug impacts the brain’s limbic, parietal lobe and vestibular function, causing varying degrees of euphoria. Because of salvia’s unpredictable effects, many users designate a “sitter” or “spotter” to ensure their safety. The short-lived euphoria generally dissipates after thirty minutes. However, residual effects could last for up to eight hours.

Is Salvia Addictive?

Similar to marijuana, there’s widespread debate about salvia’s addictive properties. However, there’s no denying that salvia can have negative impacts, particularly when individuals abuse the drug regularly.

While salvia may not be physically addicting, individuals may still develop a psychological addiction. People who refuse to stop using despite negative social, professional and legal consequences undoubtedly suffer from a salvia addiction. The best way for individuals to overcome this addiction is through a professional salvia drug rehab.

The Benefits of Salvia Drug Rehab

A comprehensive salvia drug rehab program can teach individuals how to change addictive behaviors and develop effective coping mechanisms. If necessary, individuals can begin the recovery process through a qualified detox program that rids the drug and other substances from their bodies. Upon completing detox, individuals can then transition into an individualized treatment program.

The best salvia drug rehab programs offer varying levels of care, including:

Residential or inpatient treatment

Intensive outpatient

Partial hospitalization

If you or a loved one is struggling with salvia abuse or addiction, there are various treatment resources available to facilitate change. Reach out to a qualified salvia drug rehab facility today.