Smoking Salvia

man smoking salvia

Smoking Salvia

A rising trend among teenagers and young adults is smoking salvia. Individuals who use the substance indicate that this is the quickest way to feel the euphoric, hallucinogenic effects. However, abusing salvia in any form comes with inherent dangers for abuse and addiction.

What Smoking Salvia Does to Users

Salvia—also known as salvia divinorum—is a plant that contains salvinorin A. This chemical is well-known among users for generating varying degrees of hallucinations depending upon tolerance and the amount smoked. Unlike many drugs, the euphoric effects are short-lived, generally subsiding after a half an hour.

Most users smoking salvia do so using a pipe or a bong. However, similar to marijuana, the drug can be rolled like a cigarette.

Potential Long-Term Dangers of Smoking Salvia

While many people immediately write-off salvia’s addictive properties, smoking the substance can produce negative long-term impacts, particularly for those with pre-existing mental disorders. Smoking salvia can lead to:

Bouts of depression | Panic attacks | Exacerbated personality disorder | Suicidal ideations

If you or someone you is struggling with salvia abuse or addiction, a professional salvia drug rehab program can help.

The Benefits of Salvia Drug Rehab

An effective salvia drug rehab facility can combat you or your loved one’s addiction. The best ones use proven techniques to get to the root of salvia addiction and promote behavioral change. Licensed and accredited facilities often provide a full continuum of care, from drug detox to cleanse your body of harmful substances to an individualized treatment program and subsequent aftercare.

Various levels of care include:

Residential or inpatient

Intensive outpatient

Partial hospitalization

Aftercare or sober living options

A salvia drug rehab program can be the beginning of a lifelong change. Start exploring various options to see which one might be right for you or a loved one.