Common Addiction Relapse Triggers

One of the biggest challenges for people in recovery is learning to negotiate addiction relapse triggers. These are cues in our internal and external environment that may cause people to crave their substance of choice. Eventually, it becomes too much and leads to a relapse. It’s important to recognize these triggers so you avoid making choices that could derail a hard-earned recovery. The reality is that relapse is always a threat, no matter how long you have been out of rehab. Contact Serenity House Detox Houston today to learn about how we can increase your chances of lasting sobriety.

What Are Addiction Relapse Triggers?

Addiction relapse triggers are things that cause the brain to pull up memories of past substance abuse. They often bring up emotions that may stir up craving in individuals that makes it more tempting to use their past substance of choice. The changes substance abuse causes in the brain makes those in recovery more susceptible to these cues.

The presence of a trigger doesn’t force someone back into substance abuse. However, long-term substance abuse forms a link in the brain when it comes to getting daily life. Staying focused is key to avoiding the temptation offered by addiction relapse triggers.

What Are Some Common Addiction Relapse Triggers?

There are number of triggers that people experience at some point in their life after addiction. Below you’ll find a rundown of various addiction relapse triggers deriving from different mental, emotional, and environmental factors.

HALT Factors

HALT is an acronym for hungry, angry, lonely, tired. It represents basic human needs that may exacerbate addiction relapse triggers if they are not met. People end up in a state where their ability to deal with outside pressures may lead to impulsive decisions that take them back down the path of addiction.

The best way of combating HALT is through self-care.

  • Look for social support networks
  • Plan out regular meals
  • Take care of your mental well-being
  • Put yourself on a regular sleeping schedule


Most of us end up dealing with stress in daily life. It could be the pressure of performing well at your job, keeping your grades up in school, or trying to handle family issues at home. You could find yourself dealing with health issues that could have you worried about your physical and financial future. Again, self-care is the best way of keeping addiction relapse triggers from overwhelming yourself-control.

Falling into the “Cured” Trap

Recovery is a lifelong process. However, some people start believing they’ve completely rid themselves of their addiction. They may stop going to group therapy meetings or start frequenting bars or other establishments where they used to indulge in their substance of choice. Having too much confidence in your recovery could cause you to step right into different addiction relapse triggers.

You may feel you can handle having “one drink” or injection of your past substance of choice. The fallout that could undo all your hard work and send you into a full relapse. Keep a sense of humility and stay away from any environment that could tempt you to drink or start using again.

Get Help Coping With Addiction Relapse Triggers

If you find yourself in a place where you’ve given into one or more addiction relapse triggers, there is hope for you. Serenity House Detox Houston gives you the chance to take stock and refocus on what’s important. Our team of professionals offer you guidance in getting back on the path to recovery.

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