How to Recognize the Signs and Symptoms of Addiction

Signs and Symptoms of Addiction

Recognizing the signs and symptoms of addiction is someone’s first step toward guiding someone or getting help themselves. That’s why people must understand what these signs and symptoms are and why they’re dangerous. Not only are there behavioral signs and symptoms, but physical and psychological ones as well.

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Behavioral Changes

When a person is suffering from a substance abuse disorder (SUD), that could involve presenting behavioral signs and symptoms of addiction. That behavior often includes how these individuals manage their social interactions. Examples of signs of addiction include:

  • Denial: Many people with SUD don’t understand or deny that they have a problem. They might acknowledge that their body is dependent on the substance, but refuse to admit that they need help.
  • Excessive consumption: Some SUDs, including alcohol or opiates, could lead to individuals using that substance at an unsafe level.
  • Financial issues: When individuals are trying to maintain a consistent supply of an expensive substance, that could lead to constant financial issues.
  • Hobbies and activities stop: When addictions grow stronger, it isn’t uncommon for individuals to stop participating in activities or hobbies they once enjoyed.
  • Making sacrifices: If there isn’t alcohol or other substances aren’t available during social activities, someone with an addiction might turn down those invitations and sacrifice those relationships in favor of using.
  • Secrecy: It isn’t uncommon for those who are suffering from an addiction to use it in secret or when they’re alone.
  • Stashing substances: Those who are suffering from addiction might have stashes hidden in their car, home, or other places where they believe it can stay undetected.

Physical Changes

The signs and symptoms of addiction include physical changes and impacts on the individual’s bodily functions. Examples of substance and alcohol addiction symptoms include the following:

  • Appetite changes: A person’s appetite could change when they use some substances, including marijuana.
  • Changes in appearance: Using substances could cause a person to look disheveled, haggard, and tired.
  • Diseases or other bodily damage: If someone smokes a substance, like crack or heroin, that could lead to respiratory disease. If someone is injecting a substance, that could cause damage to their arteries, limbs, and veins.
  • Increase of tolerance levels: Over time, a person’s body doesn’t react the same way to substances. So, a person might need to take more to achieve the desired result.
  • Withdrawal: Those who are going through withdraws might experience insomnia or other physical symptoms like cravings and uncontrollable trembling.

Psychological Changes

It isn’t uncommon for some who are suffering from addiction to exhibit signs of mental disorders. Here are several examples of signs and symptoms of addiction that have a psychological effect on the person:

It isn’t uncommon for people to make at least one attempt to stop using, and that was unsuccessful. While some addictions have physiological implications, like when using heroin and it causes severe withdrawals, other substances like alcohol are psychological:

  • Continued use despite health issues: Even though someone develops a health condition related to their use, they are unable to stop taking that substance.
  • How they deal with stress or issues: Some people with and addiction use that substance as a way of dealing with problems or carrying out certain behaviors.
  • Risk-taking: If someone is suffering from an addiction, they might engage in activities, like dangerous driving, that would have been too risky while sober.
  • Substance obsessions: Someone might spend a considerable amount of time obsessing over how to get, use, or maintain a supply of a certain substance.

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